Monday, June 29, 2020

Adore Him Quilt

I ordered this panel and coordinating fabrics for my shop.

The fabric company had a quilt designed using these but I didn't really like their design. So I came up with my own design.

It finishes at 54" by 76" and we kitted it up. Kits are available in our Etsy Shop and in store. These kits are only available from my shop because I wrote the pattern.

I used a snowflake wide back for the backing, shown below.

If you purchase a kit and want this backing fabric to go with it you will need 1 3/4 yards. Again, the kit is available in store and in our Etsy Shop. Most things in our Etsy Shop have free shipping and I can include backing fabric in the same box as the kit.

I should also mention that everything in the Etsy Shop shows that we have only one in stock. This is misleading. Etsy charges listing fees to shops by the item. So most shops on Etsy only list one item at a time even if they physically have more than one of the item. It just saves us money. So if you see something in our Etsy Shop and want more than one, just contact me. Chances are I do actually have more than one of most things. The exception would be completed quilts.