Monday, June 15, 2020

Judie's Album Quilt :: A Finish

My aunt sent me a stack of completed blocks and what she thought was all the fabric and the full pattern to finish this quilt. What I actually got was most of the completed blocks, ONE square each of the fabrics for the setting triangles (not nearly enough to finish the quilt) and what looked like the left over fabric that was used for the sashing (again, not nearly enough). There was no outer border fabric or binding fabric and the pattern was only the final month pattern that told how to assemble the rows and put on the borders. 

Using the photo of the completed quilt included on the first page of the part of the pattern I received I figured out how to make the missing blocks. Some rows were complete, others I had to make one or two blocks and one row I had to make all of the blocks. I used the setting triangle fabrics I received to pick fabrics from my shop that were similar since one block of each fabric was not enough.

My long arm quilter used a baptist fan pattern for the quilting which turned out really nice.

Here is what it was supposed to look like:

I think I did pretty good at being true to the original. This was obviously a block of the month style pattern probably from the 1990s. I do not have the full pattern and have no idea where one could find it. I traded, begged and borrowed fabrics to make the missing blocks because I do not have any of this style fabric in my stash. Luckily I have a few friends who collected this style of fabric back in the 1990s and they were willing to part with enough for me to make the blocks I needed.

I carry a good selection of Kim Diehl and Jo Morton fabrics in my shop and those are what I pulled from for the setting triangles, sashing, border and binding fabrics.

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