Friday, May 13, 2022

Developing a New Class

 I made this notebook cover several months ago. I thought I had shared it with you but I can't find the post so I guess I forgot!

Stitched Notebook Cover front

Stitched Notebook Cover open

The notebook cover above is my first attempt. For it I used some Essex Linen Denim color, scraps and size 8 pearl cotton in four variegated colors. I just laid the scraps on the linen and left the edges raw. A running stitch holds everything in place. The scraps are not fused or appliqued to the linen, just sewn on with the running stitches. I like working with the pearl cotton but don't really care for the raw edges on the fabric scraps.

Below is the start of my second attempt. I am using a mix of techniques: Sashiko, Kantha and Kawandi stitching. I'm trying to come up with a name for this technique. My current favorite is "Kanwandiko".

class sample second attempt

For this one I am using a base of a Moda Bella Solid. The color doesn't matter as it will be completely covered by scraps. I am using six stranded floss for this one (Aurifloss) in a neutral color and a sashiko needle. I am turning the exposed edges of the fabric scraps and tucking raw edges underneath other pieces. I am building it as I go. Nothing is really planned. The only thing holding everything together is the stitching. I am going to turn this one into a Chunky Wee Zippy Pouch

You will be seeing more of this in the next few months as I try various methods and perfect my technique before adding this to my class calendar.

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