Tuesday, May 3, 2022

March Madness Challenge Winners

 My shop sponsored a little challenge recently. I called it March Madness because it's cute, catchy and you had to be a little bit mad to give it a try. You can click the following link to read the challenge rules: March Madness Challenge

We had eleven folks brave enough to give it a try AND bring their item back in for voting.

March Madness Challenge Display

There were some really creative items made using those little 1" finished size units! Visitors to the shop were able to vote for their favorites all month in April and I tallied the votes on Saturday, April 30th. Here are the winners:

March Madness Challenge Winners

That fish was hands down almost everyone's favorite but all of the entries received several votes each. There were only two votes separating 2nd place and 3rd place. It was fun and I'm already thinking about what kind of challenge I can give next.

Scroll back up and look at the first photo. I'm really impressed by my employee, Leah, who came up with such a cute and unique way to display such a wide variety of items. That was a challenge in itself!

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