Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Customer Show and Tell

 Cheryl bought our Christmas Wreath kit last summer. She's a fairly new quilter so she was a little worried about making the ribbon border, but she did great!

Cheryl's Christmas Wreath

Cheryl and her husband are back again for this summer so she brought this in to show me.

Last week we had our the first Stella Bag and Wallet class. We had a full classroom but only one person got both the bag and wallet finished. 

Cynthia's Stella Bag

Cynthia's Stella Wallet inside

Cynthia's Stella Wallet outside

Cynthia has made a few basic tote bags but this was her first bag "real" bag. She learned how to put in a zipper, both on the top of the bag and an interior pocket on the wallet. She learned how to make pockets and install a magnetic snap on the wallet. She also quite quickly realized how with a few skills should could make a bag her own. I think she's hooked!

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