Monday, June 13, 2022

Hand Stitching

 I taught my first class for the little stitched pin cushions. I had two willing "guinea pigs" and they both did great. One didn't think she would like the technique but went along with it because she is just super nice like that. However, she ended up really enjoying the process. This is her pin cushion.

Nancy C's stitched meditations pin cushion

My other student was more of a willing participant. She asked to join in when she found out what I was doing. She also did great and enjoyed the process.

Cynthia C's stitched meditations pin cushion

They both started out just doing running stitches but quickly caught on to the possibilities. Then they branched out with a variety of stitches and patterns.

Classes at my shop are typically three hours, 1 pm to 4 pm. Both of them had their pin cushions completely finished by 3:30! I had already made the crushed walnut shell insert for them. They picked out what fabric they wanted on the back of their pin cushions and I topstitched the folded edge for them and then I attached the backing fabric by machine for them. These just have an envelope back like you would do for a larger pillow.

Leah has been busy making herself new kitchen towels. She bought several of our towel kits and got these two sewn up already.

Bee Skep Towel

Simplify Towel

The top one is the Bee Skep towel and the bottom one is the Simplify Towel.

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