Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Spargoettes Show and Tell

 The Spargoettes Group (Sue Spargo design fans) meet several times a month at my shop. Janet D. has been working on this bunny during her recent visits.

Janet D.'s bunny

The pattern is not a Sue Spargo pattern. I can't remember who designed the pattern, but Janet only used the pattern as an inspiration and for the main applique elements. She is doing a lot of hand embroidery on this in the style of Sue Spargo. She thinks she is almost done now.

Barb R. has started Squash Squad, a Sue Spargo pattern. She has all 9 blocks appliqued but has only done the embroidery on these two.

Barb R, squash block 1

Barb R, squash block 2

Linda C. doesn't live in Alamosa, but she stops in every time she comes down to visit her family in the area. She does beautiful needle turn applique and likes to make up Sue Spargo designs using only cotton fabric instead of mostly wool.

Linda C's Forest for the Trees

Above is her latest finish, Forest for the Trees, made up using only cotton fabrics and hand embroidery. Sue Spargo's design are so good that it doesn't matter what type of fabric you use for her patterns - they all look amazing!

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