Monday, September 5, 2022

Chubby Tubby Finish

 I got my new set of shop sample Chubby Tubbies done!

new set of Chubby Tubbies using Random Thoughts fabrics

These were made using some of the fabrics from the new Random Thoughts collection by Marcia Derse for Windham Fabrics. I also just received a resupply of the patterns, Chubby Tubbies.

You need 5 fat quarters, 4 zippers and some batting to make these. I used Soft 'n Stable batting which is why these stand up so nicely on their own. A half yard package of Soft 'n Stable is plenty for all four bags. You can use whatever batting you want, but the Soft 'n Stable is what makes these stand up nicely. However, if you use Soft 'n Stable and quilt your bag exterior like I did, cut you exterior fabrics and the Soft 'n Stable 1" bigger in both directions then square them down to the appropriate size after quilting. 

There is one other product I really love to use when putting zippers in bags. It's called Wonder Tape. Below is a video I made demonstrating how to use this hemming tape for zippers. 

This product will wash out if you wash your item but it won't hurt anything at all if you don't wash it out. I have used it for years to install bag zippers and rarely wash the finished bag.

For me, this product was a "game changer" for installing zippers in bags. My zippers look much better in the finished bag since I started using it.

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Unknown said...

Just got my pattern, so thanks for the tips! Especially since I'll be making 3 sets for Christmas!!