Friday, September 2, 2022

More Stitched Scraps Pincushions

 I have been playing around with more scraps to make stitched pincushions. Previously I was using only one color of thread so I was using only that color fabrics. This time I decided to switch the threads to match the fabrics and use whatever fabrics I wanted.

stitched scraps pincushion

For all the fabrics except the bottom right I just stitched them down with a running stitch. But for the one in the bottom right corner I stitched along the print on the fabric. I really like the way that piece turned out and I have that fabric in several colors. I decided to make one with just one fabric using a different colorway of that print.

single fabric stitched pincushion

In case you missed my previous post about these click the following link to read more about this technique and see more examples: Stitched pincushions

All of these are finishing at about 4.5" by 4.5". I put crushed walnut shells inside these little pin cushions.

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