Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Panel Pattern :: Diva 5

 I have been on a mission lately to find some new patterns that feature a panel. This one is a "keeper."

cover of Diva 5 pattern image

I don't yet have any of these patterns in stock in my shop. I only got one copy since I was not familiar with this pattern company. Lots of folks have great ideas for quilt patterns, but it is a lot harder to write a good quilt pattern than most folks realize. I am happy to report that this is a great pattern! 

Here is my version of this pattern.

my Diva 5 shop sample using a horse panel

Unfortunately, I don't have this panel listed on my website! Sheesh! I will fix that soon, but not today. When I do, I will update this post with a link to this particular panel. I have lots of other panels on my website though. You can view all the panels I have on my website by clicking the following link: Panels at Alamosa Quilt Company I've got several that would be awesome made up in this pattern.

I have already ordered copies of this panel for my shop. When they arrive I will list them for sale online as well as in store. If you want me to contact you when the patterns arrive and send you a link to them on my website, just let me know.

The quilt is currently being quilted by my local long arm quilter. When I get the binding on I will share a photo of the finished quilt and post links to the panel and the pattern. I took 4 quilts to her recently so I will soon have 4 finished quilts to share with you.

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