Friday, October 14, 2022

Panel Squared Quilt Pattern

 I have been searching for patterns that feature panels recently and found several that I like. This one is called Panel Squared Quilt.

Panel Squared Quilt pattern image

I picked a panel from my shop and whipped up a sample.

Home Sweet Holiday Quilt Kit sample

It's not quilted yet, but will be soon. The binding will be the same red as the inner and outer borders. I liked it so much that I kitted up a few of these. So if you want to make one just like mine, you can!

Home Sweet Holidays Quilt Kit

Or if you just want the panel I have that option too.

Home Sweet Holidays Panel

If you buy the kit you don't need to buy the pattern separately. Patterns are always included with all the kits I sell in my shop. But if you just want the pattern I have that option too.

Panel Squared Quilt Pattern

I did a little extra work for you. I was not able to cut my panel the length called for in the pattern, but it was easy to adjust. If you purchase the kit from me then I included the exact instructions for making it with this panel. However, if you buy the pattern from me, I added a little extra information that was not included in the pattern - like how big the panel with inner border should be. This way, whatever size you need to cut your panel to, you know what size it needs to be with the inner border attached. I am including this information in all of these patterns that I sell.

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