Monday, April 1, 2024

Customer Show and Tell :: Nancy's Wild Stallion Quilt

 Nancy has her version of our Wild Stallions kit completely finished! We have two more kits left and not enough of the fabrics to make up more kits. We do still have some of the fabrics on the bolt and have a few more of the panels left in stock.

Nancy's Wild Stallion Quilt

Note that Nancy opted to get extra fabric and the border print (which we are sold out of) to make a larger version of our kit. If you want to make a larger version like Nancy I suggest you substitute the all-over horse print for the border print. It's called "Stallion Stallions" in our online shop.

The kits and fabrics are available both in store and in our online shop,

To view the kit and fabrics in our online shop click the following link: Stallion fabrics and kit

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