Friday, January 17, 2014

Handmade Christmas Challenge

Have you heard about the Handmade Christmas Challenge hosted by SewCalGal?

If not, you should click the link to go over and check it out - Handmade Christmas Challenge Info.

There is a link party each month to show off what you have made (either a gift to give or something to use in decorating your house), which will also count as an entry to win one of the great prizes being offered by the sponsors of the challenge. Click here to go to the Handmade Christmas Challenge link party for this month.

I will not be able to participate in the link party this month. I am only sewing for myself this month so no gift making for me. I am working on a holiday project for myself, but it isn't finished yet and so does not qualify.

I will show you my progress on it though. I'm working on the embroidery for the Over the River and Through the Woods pattern by Crabapple Hill. I have traced all three embroidery panels already and am almost finished embroidering the first one.

Sorry it is so wrinkled, but there is no point in ironing it until I finished.

I have also collected all the fabric I should need for the piecing. I have been thinking about pulling out the fabric and doing some of the piecing, at the least blocks, this month too. Then once the embroidery is finished I will just have to assemble the top. Maybe if the blocks are already made I will be more likely to go ahead and finish it this year. Time will tell!

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your embroidery. Wish I could get organized enough to get even think that far ahead. Keep motivating us with your projects.