Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quilting Modern Spools

I'm still working on my Modern Spools quilt despite Spooky's "help." She was on it again yesterday morning.

I didn't mind because I had to go to my art group and wasn't planning to work on it until the afternoon. I should have shooed her off though. Take a look at what happened.

She got blood on my quilt in two places!! One is a very small spot, but the other ... OY! She cut her paw over a week ago while she was outside. The boy let her in and didn't notice she was hurt. She came to my sewing room door and cried and cried until I opened it. There were little bloody footprints all over the floor right outside my sewing room door and a trail of bloody foot prints from the door. Of course, as soon as I tried to scoop her up she took off! Once I caught her I was able to determine where she was hurt and apply some pressure to stop the bleeding. Then it took me an hour to clean up all the blood off the floors. The pad of one of her front paws got cut on something. She bled a little bit for a couple of days after it happened, but that was over a week ago. I thought it had stopped. I was wrong.

I don't know what to do except to keep going, try not to set the blood stain and hope it comes out when I wash it. If it doesn't come out, I do have a little bit of fabric left that I could make an applique with to cover the stain. Good thing this one is for me!

I have all the pieced spools quilted and a few of the blank blocks done.

Other than the blood stain, I'm really please with how this one is turning out.


Paula, the quilter said...

I have had very good luck with the gel or spray version of Oxy Clean Max Force.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love our quilting on this. You are doing great work. Wish I had your patience. Hope kitty gets better.

Anonymous said...

Try a "tide to go" pen, they really work well. The quilt is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Try a "Tide to Go" pen, they work really well, I think it will get that out.

Mama Pea said...

I didn't catch it in more recent posts. Did the blood come out? the quilt is gorgeous. I love how it turned out.