Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Felted Pincushions

A couple months ago one of the blogs I follow posted a video tutorial of how to make felted pincushions. The link will take you to that post where you can see the beautiful pincushions she made. Click here to see her second batch. I've embedded the video for you below.

 I love pincushions. I've always thought it would be fun to make felted wool pincushions. AND during the going out of business sale at my LQS I was able to buy a bunch of little bits of wool roving. I needed an activity for us on Sunday so I showed the video to my son. He said it looked like fun. So I got everything out and we each made one to test the process.

The boy is much faster than I am so to keep him occupied while I continued I asked him to take some pictures.

Here is his pincushion before we put it in the dryer.

And here is mine after it went through the dryer.

They both turned out nice! We will definitely make more. I have enough wool roving to make several more. I need to get some bases for them though. I prefer the dishes like Luann uses rather than little pieces of wood like Patsy uses in the video. We'll make a thrift store run one of these days to see what we can find.

Ours spent about an hour in the dryer since 30 minutes didn't seem like enough in our dryer. I can tell that they are still damp in the center. So we will let them sit out and dry completely for a few days before using them.


West Michigan Quilter said...

What fun. I bet my granddaughter would like to do something like that. Such a cute idea. I bet you and the boy had a great time, Thanks for the link.

dornepnella said...

What is a wool 'roving'?

Lynn said...

I'm replying here to the above comment made by dornepnella since I can't reply personally to you: wool roving is loose wool strands. It is wool that hasn't been spun into yarn yet or made into wool fabric yet. If you watch the embed video at the beginning of the post she shows you what it looks like.