Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mom's Star Quilt :: A Finish

A couple years ago my mom sent me this completed top. She doesn't want it back and instructed me to give it to the charity of my choice when finished.

I finally got around to finishing it. I used some of my scrappy binding and this great bandana print for the back.

The post washing finished size is 45" by 60.5" and it will be donated to the oncology department of my local hospital.

Regular readers may notice that I'm using a different fence to hang quilts from in the above photographs. It's our neighbor's fence. This is what my usual section of our fence currently looks like.

We are finally getting our fence replaced. I have disliked the old fence since we bought this house eleven years ago, but it was in good shape and we couldn't afford to replace something that was in good shape. Lately it has fallen into disrepair enough to justify a new one. Yay!

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Gene Black said...

I love that quilt. I am sure someone will find great comfort in it.