Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Winner Take All Block

My guild has a Projects Chairperson. Her job is to come up with projects for the guild to do together. A popular activity is our Winner Take All Block of the Month. 

The way it works is one month the Projects Chairperson hands out a pattern for a block along with any color, theme or other requirements. Any one who wants to participate makes the block according to the rules and brings it to the next meeting. You get to put your name in the drawing to win the blocks once for every block you brought. The winner wins all the blocks.

Below is the block for this month.

I wasn't sure I liked it until looking at it through my camera. It was hard for me to see the design. In fact, I kept checking the pattern because it didn't look right to me. Well, it is right. A little distance was what I needed. 

Bonus: the fabrics were straight from my scrap basket. It is good to have some bigger pieces in the scrap basket.


Gene Black said...

I think that the design on the colored fabric-with all the angles - creates an illusion that the lines in the block are "off"

West Michigan Quilter said...

Interesting block. Love the fabrics you used.