Monday, July 25, 2022

Have you heard of Liquid Vinyl?

 This stuff is really interesting and easy to use. 

Liquid Vinyl bottle

I made another short video, 2:51 minutes long.

If the embedded video doesn't play for you, click the following link:

Liquid Vinyl Video

If you don't like watching videos, I'll tell you a bit about it. This stuff is a gel. You paint it onto regular fabric or fabric item. Depending on how many coats you do it's water and stain-resistant all the way to waterproof and stain-resistant with an oilcloth finish. You have to heat set the product for it to be permanent after it cures for 24 hours. 

Three coats of this stuff really does provide an oilcloth like finish. Once cut, the fabric doesn't even fray with the liquid vinyl on it. You can sew with it, just make sure if you have to iron it you use a teflon press sheet or parchment paper. You don't want to get this stuff on your iron!

I am going to make some things with fabric I've treated with liquid vinyl. I'm thinking placemats, bibs, and linings for bags. It's food safe so one of my customers is planning to make elastic banded bowl covers. You can paint this stuff on just one side of the fabric or both sides! Fabric sandwich bags is another good use for this instead of using plastic zip bags.

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