Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Sunflower Embroidery Complete

 I finished up my COVID sanity project!

Completed Summer Garden Embroidery Kit

I am currently out of this embroidery kit but I have ordered more. They will be here in a day or two. I also ordered a bunch more of these type of kits besides this one.

All of these kits are listed on my shop website in the Kits section. When the new kits arrive the website will be updated. All the ones listed right now that are sold out have been reordered, plus a few new ones. These are really fun to do. They come with the design already pre-printed on the fabric, all the floss you need to make it, a needle and a hoop you can use to do the stitching and to display your finished project in if you choose. Instructions are also included complete with stitch instructions for all of the stitches used in each project, if you need instructions. There are also lots of stitch instruction videos online if you need a little extra help.

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