Wednesday, July 13, 2022

San Luis Valley Quilt Guild Challenges

 This has been an annual thing at my shop. Every July I hang the challenge quilts from the San Luis Valley Quilt Guild members who chose to participate. It gives them some exposure and advertises their annual quilt show which happens the first two weeks in August.

The photo below explains the theme for this year: 

2022 SLV Quilt Guild Challenge Rules

And here are the 12 entries:

2022 SLV Quilt Guild Challenge Quilts

The bottom portion of the first photo explains the 4 voting categories. If you'd like to vote just leave a comment and use the 4 categories from the first photo. I will fill out a paper ballot for you and put it in the basket with the other votes. In your comment, just leave the name of the category and the appropriate number quilt you are voting for that category. You don't have to put a number for every category if you don't want to.

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