Monday, July 11, 2022

My COVID Sanity-Saver Project

 I was quarantined upstairs away from my family for over a week recently when I had COVID. There is only so much surfing online I can do and watching movies and such on my iPad. I just had to have a hand sewing project! Luckily I had one ready to go in my sewing room. So one morning when I was briefly allowed downstairs to shower I snagged the kit on my way back upstairs. (My sewing room is right at the base of the stairs so I didn't have to go far.)

Sunflower Embroidery Project

I had actually started this the afternoon I started feeling poorly. I had one big yellow petal done before I had to put it down because I didn't feel well. I have to finish the purple flowers at the bottom, finish the two satin stitched leaves and fill the center of the sunflower with french knots.

I have a few more of these embroidery kits in stock. You can view them in the Kits section on my website. These Cozy Blue Handmade kits are really nice! The design is pre-printed on the fabric. You get all the thread required, a needle, a wooden hoop and instructions in each kit.

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