Monday, September 14, 2009

Good-bye Old Friend

My first car, a 1987 Volkswagon Golf GT. I purchased her new in 1988. We recently purchased a "new" truck for my husband. My boys go camping a good bit in the summer and they needed a four wheel drive vehicle. It is also nice to be able to haul stuff. The truck saved us about $200 in delivery fees this past June when we redid our front walkway. So today we had to say good-bye to Gretchen after 21 good years together. It's not good for her to just sit indefinitely. Living in a small town we don't drive much. My husband and I both walk to work and the grocery store is just a block away. I take my little red wagon and go shopping. She went to a good home. Hopefully she and her new family will be happy together for many more years. Good-bye Gretchen and thanks for all the rides!

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