Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Again

I've been in Nashville since Thursday for a wedding. One of my oldest friends, Liesel Wellman, got married to a really neat guy on Saturday. I had hoped to have some pictures, but didn't take my camera and haven't gotten any photos from others yet. I'll post a few when I do.

Parker and Tony did a good job keeping up with the dishes this trip and the house is in pretty good condition but cluttered with mail, newspapers and some toys. Nothing too bad, it has been worse. I've got mountains of laundry to do today though. I'll skip hanging clothes on the line today, even though the weather is nice, just to be able to get it all done today. I think my art group is meeting tomorrow so I don't want to be doing laundry tomorrow.

My job seems to be going well. I've been offered the opportunity to teach the same course again next semester. That's not a surprise since the department chair wanted to give it a year to see how it works. The surprise is that he has asked if I would be willing to offer another class using ALEKS too. I need to think about that. It would be so nice to have the extra income, but I need to consider how it will affect our family, if at all. After getting home at 10 pm last night, I am in no condition to be making that decision today though. But I am giving it some serious thought.

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