Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reading in Bed

This morning when I went into Parker's room to get him up for school he was already up. Reading in bed! Yesterday our Scholastic book order arrived at school and he came home with the starter pack, first 8 books, of the Magic Tree House series. I wasn't prepared for how excited he would be to get these books. He had the books in hand when he got off the bus. The first thing he told me was, "look what my teacher gave me today!" (I'm not sure he realizes that I order these books and pay for them.) His first grade teacher read a couple of the books to the class at the end of last school year. I thought they might be a bit above his reading level but figured he and his dad could read them together. Well, he can read them himself. My little boy is growing up so fast! (sniff, sniff) But I am so glad that he enjoys reading.

Not much sewing in my future for today. I've got lots of work to do. But I left the basting tables up from yesterday's squaring up session in hopes that I will be able to baste together the next quilt I need to quilt. I've two in line - my Funky Santa quilt and my nephew Zeke's quilt that my mom pieced. I'm not sure which one will be next. I'm thinking I need to do something for me next. I plan to quilt Funky Santa in the ditch to stabilize it, then add some more appliques and do a lot of custom quilting. If I get Funky Santa started then when I get stuck and need time to think a bit before continuing, I'll have Zeke's quilt to focus on. Sounds like a plan.

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brooks1986 said...

hmmm...wish I would've read this before our parent teacher conference today. Jamie hasn't brought his book order books home yet and I actually thought about asking Mrs. Price about it today but got distracted with reading scores and such.