Monday, January 25, 2010


FINALLY, I have all the blocks completed for the mystery quilt which will become our new bed quilt. I cleaned the floor upstairs yesterday so that I could lay out my blocks today. I think I like the first layout best, but I did a second one just to be sure. In the second the diagonal four patch blocks are turned 90 degrees. I liked this layout (the second photo) better for the original design of the mystery quilt. But I had to add blocks to make mine bigger. In the second layout the design seems to "fall off" the quilt. The diagonal four patches lead the eye off the quilt while in the first layout they seem the contain the design. So I think I'll be sewing them together using the first photo as a guide.

I'm still working on the borders. I plan to add some four patches and browns to continue the diagonal four patch lines. Then I'll put a skinny brown border and finish it off with a wider border out of my focus fabric - the centers of the star blocks.

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