Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Trip to the Beach

Another favorite photo. This was taken July 19, 2007 along the Oregon Coast. The name of the beach is Hobbit Beach. It is just north of Heceta lighthouse. You park on the side of the highway and walk for about 1/2 mile through the forest down to the beach. Just before you get to the beach the trail goes through a sort of tunnel. The sides are sand and the bushes have grown together creating a tunnel. The entrance is round, like a hobbit house. You have to walk about 10 yards or so through the tunnel and then you come out onto the beach.

I love this photo because Parker was so thrilled to be at the beach. I think it captures the wonder he must have felt seeing the ocean for the first time. I particularly love that I got his reflection too. That was just luck!

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