Friday, January 8, 2010

New Life for an old Sofa

I've been threatening for months and today I finally did it. I am getting this old sofa reupholstered. It was my parents sofa for many years while I was growing up and has been reupholstered several times already. I used it in college when my parents bought a new sofa and for the last several years it has been the "playroom sofa." It is a Flex Steel sofa and my mother has told me on many occasions that it will last forever if properly cared for. I'm not sure we have properly cared for it, letting kids jump on it and off it and over it ... It has a silly putty stain on the right hand side arm and many other mysterious stains. There are probably even a few toys hiding inside. All of that is going to change next week. Here is a stack of beautiful fabrics for me to choose from.

The circled one is my choice. The name of the color is Cocoa - its a medium brown color. I have put in my fabric order and they will pick up the sofa next week. I can't wait!

Of course I will post a photo of it when it comes back. Now I need to find some fabric for new pillows!

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