Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parker's Nose

Both Monday and Tuesday mornings this week began in tears. On Monday, Parker hadn't even got out of bed yet and he was crying about homework. I don't think he was fully awake yet. But seriously, his homework is usually read his AR books and study spelling words. On Thursdays he also has to find something to take for Show and Tell. What ya' crying about?!

Yesterday morning he tripped and fell on his way to the bus stop and scraped his nose. We didn't even make it to the corner (half a block) before this happened. I didn't want to put him on the bus crying so we went back home. I checked his knees and nose out, cleaned him up and drove him to school. Luckily he was wearing mittens so his hands didn't get hurt. The photo was taken after school yesterday.

Today is my "go to work" day. So far, things are going better in my classes than last semester. I think I did a much better job describing what the course was going to be like on the first day than I did last semester. I hope the upward trend continues!

I did manage to get the third (and smallest) section of the king size mystery quilt assembled this morning before 9 am. One section left then borders, assemble the sections and piece the backing. I have decided to get this one professionally quilted by long arm quilter.

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