Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Quilt Done!

I had hoped to get this in the mail today but the USPS website is having "issues" right now and I am unable to print out postage. I'll try again later, but this means that it won't get mailed until tomorrow. Oh well, it's done! I really like how the back turned out and the front is pretty cute too.

On the home front: I'm killing time before I have to go to a doctor's appointment - just an annual check up. I'm not expecting any surprises but it does cut into my sewing time. I'll take something to work on though. I'll probably have to go get blood work done tomorrow morning. However, my new plan is to reward myself by making and going to all these yucky appointments. I've already got my "prize" for today's appointment, but blood work will definitely warrant getting to purchase a goody.

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