Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cross-Stitch Ornaments

A photo of my first cross stitch snowflake stocking pattern. I've designed another one that I am currently working on. I had my fasting blood draw this morning and just played in my sewing room while listening to podcasts the rest of the day. I mainly continued straightening up and cleaning in the sewing room but did do a little piecing on the remaining borders for my king size mystery quilt. I did make a short trip to the Gray Goose (my LQS) for some retail therapy after this mornings "trama." I bought a nice fat quarter bundle and have them ordering a hinged mirror thing that I need for my Quilt University class. I'm installing my EQ software and plan to play with it some this evening.


Clare Wassermann said...

Oh I hope your blood test went ok - I see you are like me and find several things to do to "make up" for the nasties in life!

Lynn said...

Yes, my blood test went fine but I've got a nice bruise today. Won't find out the results for a week or two though. I'm not expecting anything abnormal to show up, but you never know. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has to bribe herself to do these things!