Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you EQ?

I've already posted once today but just had to share my exciting news.

I bought EQ5 all most 2 years ago. It took me a little while to get started with it but once I did I was enjoying it. I hadn't really designed anything yet, mainly just done some of the exercises and played around. Then I started have computer problems, unrelated to EQ. My husband decided we should wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything so I copied all my important files onto an external hard drive and then turned over my computer to my husband so he could do his thing. I didn't copy my EQ because I had the disc, so I could just reinstall it after everything was cleaned up. BUT ... then I couldn't find the disc! Grrrr! I've been looking for this disc for over a year. I found the Design Cookbook and Getting Started book, but no disc. Until this morning! I was doing a bit of cleaning of my bookcase in the sewing room. In the process of straightening up the books, the disc just fell into my lap! I have looked for it before on the bookcase, but I guess it had gotten shoved to the back so wasn't easily visible. Anyway, now I can EQ again! Might even have to upgrade to EQ6. (By the way, the hard drive wipe worked for a short time but the computer was 6 years old and I ended up getting a new one this past November)

Doctor appointment followup: I had a good check up but do have to go get a fasting blood draw in the morning. As my reward for doing this thing I really hate doing, I've signed myself up for a class at Quilt University. I'm taking Playing with Lines and Shapes. If you are so inclined, join me. I've done the free sampler class on borders and am looking forward to trying out a "real" class.

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