Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Trip to Taos

Yesterday we took a day trip to Taos, New Mexico. It is only an hour and a half drive from Alamosa, CO. I stopped in one of my favorite quilt stores, Taos Adobe Quilting. Above is a photo of what I bought. They sell lots of southwest style fabrics, have tons of the brights I like and feature fabrics designed by local artists. They also have a nice selection of Laurel Burch fabric and other merchandise - bags, mugs, this little wrist wallet/purse. While I shopped in the quilt store, Tony and Parker were at a toy store a few doors down from the quilt store. The name of the store is Twirl. They sell all sorts of interesting toys, have a koi pond inside the store and behind the store is an awesome (free) playground. Parker spent more time on the playground than he did in the store! I'll post a few photos of the play area another time. Lots of interesting architecture in Taos.

On the way home we stopped at the gorge bridge. There is a rest area on the west side of the bridge.

Tony and Parker walked out halfway across the bridge and dropped rocks into the river below. Boys! They see water and have to throw something in it!

I stayed at the rest area and took photos. It is always windy on the bridge. It was a sunny day but with the sun going down and the wind, it was getting cooler fast. With my new camera, I don't need to be very close to get good photos though!

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