Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Retreat Report 1

I worked on several things at my retreat and finished a few of them. The first thing I did was make up little trash bags from the blue jean leg ends I had collected to that point.

You can see the piles in the back. The front one is mine. I made it a few months ago. You can never have too many places to put thread tails and little bits of fabric at Retreat. I have about 60 of these little bags made so far. I need about 120! My guild is hosting the Colorado Quilt Council meeting next June. These will be filled with fingerling potatoes and have a columbine pin attached to them. They will be given to attendees as gifts.

The second thing I worked on was the retreat mystery block. Every year one member puts together a mystery block pattern for retreat goers to work on over the course of the Retreat. We were told what fabrics to bring for the block and how much. Then we were each given a short 2" strip of orange fabric too. We were all guessing the block would be Fall related or Halloween related. We were all wrong!

We made penguin blocks! These blocks will be put together will a simple border and then it will go to a local charity. My block is the third block from the left on the third row from the top. Notice that someone put the wings on wrong so it looks like the penguin is trying to take off. We thought it looked cute so she didn't fix it. I know who made this block but I won't tell. Our motto is, "what happens at retreat, stays at retreat." You have to attend to get the skinny on everyone. It was a lot of fun!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who sent condolences at the death of my cat Maggie. I'm doing better today. Trying to remember her as the younger cat who brought me birds and snakes. She even brought me a newspaper once! I realized last night that I lived with her longer than I've lived with anyone else in my life - 20+ years! I only lived with my parents for 18 years and I've only lived with my husband for 15 years.


Melissa said...

You know I "copied" you awhile back and made myself a thread catcher and a scrap catcher from jeans legs and I LOVE them. I think the ladies will appreciate them very much! As for the quilt, I really think the one-off penguin makes the whole thing! Someone is going to really enjoy that!

Mama Pea said...

Love the penguin quilt you all put together. I also like the one "off" penguin. It really makes the quilt! Glad you are back! Hope you're doing okay. You are amazing with all the thread catching bags you are making!