Friday, November 12, 2010

Retreat Report 2

I finished a few charity tops at Retreat. First the Clifford quilt that I was piecing as my Leader and Ender project.

The red is a bit overpowering, but hopefully some child who loves Clifford won't care. I also finished the Pooh charity quilt I cut out at the same time as the above Clifford quilt.

If I had had access to a design wall when I was putting the blocks together, I probably would have put this together differently. However, the top is done and I don't feel it is worth taking it apart at this point.

The third charity quilt I finished was already partially completed. I made the blocks at Retreat last year.

This is really an eye-catching pattern and so simple to make. The pieced blocks are strip pieced and then cut to size. The pattern is formed by rotating the pieced blocks around the alternating print fabric.

The last project I worked on at retreat is another one that was begun at a previous retreat. About two retreats ago I cut out the strips and squares. This year I made 12 blocks.

Today I have been auditioning sashing fabric from my "resource center" (aka stash). I think I have a few things that will work but I need to play with the block layout. I just slapped these up on the design wall and took a quick photo. The "green" ones stand out so I'll need to place those more carefully before sewing them together.

Other than eating, taking walks and pictures, and losing at Mexican Train that is about it for my Retreat Reports.


Melissa said...

I think a bunch of kids are going to be very happy!

Denise in PA said...

Hi Lynn, I think a kid will love the red - you know kids, the brighter the better! The quilts are all so cute. Resource Center - I like that! I think I'll put a sign on my stash shelves o:)

Mama Pea said...

I don't think the red is too overpowering on the Clifford quilt. I think it's just right for such a quilt. I think a child will love it! I also love the race car one. I like that pattern, too. Your last one is really striking. I like those blocks. I wonder how a black sashing would look. I even wondered if you need sashing. They look good just put together, too! I will be excited to see what you do with it.