Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hodge Podge

(1) Our house guests left Friday afternoon. We all had such a wonderful time with them! It is so rare to find "couple friends" of which both you and your spouse like both of the other couple. Even rarer to like the whole family. Yet we have this with this family. The kids just picked up where they left off last time we got together, two years ago.

They brought the son a gift, the Battle of Naboo Star Wars Lego Set. To say he loved this gift really doesn't quite describe his enthusiasm. It has sparked quite a bit of creativity. Here are just two of the various displays and creations he has crafted since receiving it.

(2) I ordered a new book recently, The Bag Making Bible.

It includes 8 patterns will full size patterns but that isn't why I purchased it. The book is mainly a "technique" book that teaches you about the various components of a bag and how to create and customize them. There are eight chapters: Getting Started, Choosing Fabrics, Structure and Reinforcement, Linings, Closures, Handles and Straps, Pockets, and Edgings and Trimmings. I've only had a chance to read a little bit of the book and browse through it, but I think I'm going to really like it. I love bags but want to customize patterns I like and/or create my own patterns. I think this book will help me create the cute bags floating around in my head.

(3) I've started on my Glamp for Summer Camp. I've decided to make this one for me. If the boy decides he wants one too, I'll order another kit from Amanda.

(4) My new HQ Sweet 16 is AWESOME! I've only set it up and done some practice stitching with it so far. The "getting started" DVD said to change the needle before sewing if you just received the machine. I did this and put the needle in backwards. So then the tension wasn't right. I took out the bobbin thinking I may need to adjust the tension on the bobbin case. The bobbin fell out of the case before I had a chance to see which way it goes in the case. So then I had to wait until business hours to call the dealer I bought it from for help. All is well now! The dealer is coming to my house on Friday to check out my set up, make sure I got everything set up properly, answer any questions I have and give me some pointers and tips about the machine. I don't feel comfortable enough yet to use it on a "real" project, but I hope to test it out "for real" on a charity quilt soon.

(5) I'm driving back to Colorado Springs to pick up my regular machine today. It's 350 miles round trip, Ugh. I don't plan on doing much shopping, just up and back. We've got a neighborhood party this evening that I need to be back for.

(6) My local quilt shop changed owners at the beginning of this month, about a week ago. I went in yesterday for the first time. It was like going into a house a friend used to own for the first time after they moved to meet the new owners. The building is the same but everything else is different. I met the new owner and she seems very nice. I'm sure it will feel familiar again in time.


Quilting Yai Yai said...

Getting a new machine is so exciting! My new one is supposed to here by Wednesday. Then I can set one up for FMQ and the other for sewing. No more tearing one down to reset for the project at hand. Can't wait. I'm sure you'll have your's whipped into shape ASAP and producing many wonderful things for you!
Happy Sewing!

Denise in PA said...

(1) I love when you find a couple where both husbands and wives are friends - we have such friends and it's great!
(4) You are gonna L.O.V.E that Sweet Sixteen! I have the HQ16 and it is an awesome machine. I used to have a "sit down" long arm and I loved it - it just wasn't the HQ brand!
(6) One of my LQS just changed owners too. I haven't been yet, but I hear she's bringing lots of modern stuff and will be having some good classes, so I am excited!

Mama Pea said...

Lots of news! Hope your new sewing store feels like home again. I know how that feels! Finding a couple where you all get along so well is really special. We don't have that. Glad you do! I got my book and I've started to read it, but haven't gotten too far. Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'm really going to like it a lot. A good reference!