Monday, August 1, 2011

Recent Shopping

Last week, in addition to purchasing a Handiquilter Sweet 16, I also purchased some fabric and a pattern.

The fabrics just called to me! I bought a yard of each. I'm planning to use them to make some baskets for my newly remodeled sewing room using the pattern I bought.

They had the cube size made up at the shop. It is sooo cute! It's about a 6" cube, so a good size. I may be able to use the pattern idea and techniques to make different sizes too.

The shop I'm referring to is Stitcher's Garden in Pueblo, CO. If you are ever in Pueblo you should stop in. It's a really nice shop, not very large, but a great selection of fabrics and patterns in a nicely renovated old building. Actually, the whole street is nicely renovated and had some interesting shops. I didn't spend much time window shopping since I was on a bit of a schedule and I'd already spent quite a bit that day.

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Mama Pea said...

Lynn, I can see why those fabrics called out to you! Those boxes will be great for your sewing room. Just perfect. I have that pattern, too, but I haven't gotten on to making them yet! LOL. What else is new?