Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mosca Pass Trail

This post is not quilting or sewing related. If you prefer only quilting or sewing related posts you may want to skip this one.

Last Friday we did a family hike, the Mosca Pass Trail. It starts in the Great Sands Dunes National Park, which is located about a 45 minute drive from our house. After a short time the trail passes into the Sangre De Cristo Wildnerness area.

The trail follows the Mosca Creek for the most part. 

The fir trees were getting new shoots. The new shoots are very soft and bright green while the old "leaves" are pokey, stiff and dark green.

There were lots of dead trees near the trail. This one looked particularly beautiful to me.

The trail used to be a toll road, if you can imagine! I hiked it and I can't imagine driving a vehicle of any kind on this route. But here is proof that someone did at one point.

Although it could be argued that maybe they shouldn't have since they clearly wrecked in the process.

The trail is 3.7 miles from the parking area to sign at the top. It was a challenging hike for me, a novice hiker, and I was sore the next day. The views on the way down are very nice though.

You can see part of the sand dunes and a peak of Medano Creek which runs along the base of the dunes this time of year. The creek is wide this year.

I hope that we can do a few more hikes this summer although I asked that the next one be either shorter or flatter.


Salmagundi said...

Glad to see you enjoyed our Colorado views. I have a tendency to forget just how beautiful our state is -- it is just as much fun to me to stay home and sew!! Sally

West Michigan Quilter said...

Looks like a nice place to hike. Loved seeing the pictures.