Monday, June 22, 2015

Second Rose of Sharon Bag

I finished my second Rose of Sharon bag over the weekend.

This is the one I have been making along with my students when I teach the class.

If I get to teach the class again I'll have to start another bag.

I took lots of pictures (47 to be exact) of how I make the zipper bag. I plan to do a tutorial on this "basic zipper bag" soon. I doubt I will use all 47 pictures. I can't go back and rephotograph a step if the picture is blurry so I take lots of pictures as I go and then only use the best ones. The idea for the tutorial is to demonstrate my method and give you the basic instructions so you can make this any size you want. I hope to get the tutorial done this week sometime, but no promises. It will be coming relatively soon though.

1 comment:

West Michigan Quilter said...

Cute bag. Eager for the tutorial!