Friday, May 26, 2023

More Tourist Totes

 I'm having a great time with this new pattern! It's called Tourist Tote. For these next ones I shopped from my stash.

tourist tote one fabrics

tourist tote two fabrics

Here they are both completed and ready to use!

both completed tourist totes

And check out how green the grass in my backyard is already! We've had a lot of rain here recently.

My plan for these bags was one for me and one for my son. He turns 21 on Saturday! How did that happen?! He needed a new bag to carry his dinner and snacks with him to his new job. Right now he is working nights. Nothing is open around here overnight and he can't really leave anyway, so he needs to bring with him plenty of food to make it through his shift, which are 10-11 hours long. A little lunch box just doesn't cut it, but this bag is plenty roomy enough for him. He picked the right hand one. And my husband claimed the other one so I still don't have one of these bags even though I've made three!

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