Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Rabbit Hole Covers

 The name of this post is a joke. A group of us here has been making these and we joke that "we've gone down a rabbit hole." Hence the name, rabbit hole covers. Actually these will eventually be turned into pin cushions once I can stop hand sewing them and find time to turn them into pin cushions.

This first set are woven patterns. You do some stitching then you weave through the stitching to create the design.

Woven patterns

This one is a rice pattern.

rice pattern

This one is just a spiral ending with an X in the middle.

spiral pattern

We started making these then decided we needed some pattern ideas so I got us this book.

Sashiko 365 front cover

We are using gingham prints as our base fabrics. I have 8 of these in stock right now with more coming next month. The gingham fabrics are from a collection called Sorbet. There are only three prints in the collection - pin dots, tossed circles and gingham, each in 12 colors. The pin dots print also works really well for sashiko stitching with no marking, but I haven't started playing with it yet.

The book is called Sashiko 365 and is a fabulous book of sashiko designs.

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