Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Killing Time

I'm sitting in the computer lab on campus monitoring my students take an exam. I brought some grading to do for one of my other classes, but forgot to bring my answer key! I'm too lazy to rework the problems, so I'll just wait until I get home to grade. So I've been killing time catching up on the blogs I follow and just general surfing.

We've had a busy week at my house. Everything comes to a head tomorrow. I have 12 ladies coming over from my PEO chapter for our meeting. Parker has Market Day, Jump Rope For Heart and a Valentine's Day party at school. Then Parker has his weekly Cub Scouts meeting in the evening. All of this happens tomorrow! We have been drowning in craft supplies all week from all the Market Day and Valentine's Day preparations. I'll be so glad to get all that stuff put away.

There is no school for Parker Friday or Monday and Tony is going skiing this weekend in Durango, leaving Friday returning Sunday late. So I'll be a single parent this weekend and will be glad when school resumes on Tuesday.

Back to work!

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