Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letting Go

My baby is not a baby any more. I'm sure all parents understand this bittersweet feeling. Today I got out the remainder of the baby items we have saved in hopes of having another child - crib, stroller, bouncy seat, swings, toys ... I gave away all the clothes I had saved about a year ago. I had piles of stuff! I set up my basting tables (6' by 6' square) and set out the clothes on it. I organized items by size and invited my friends with younger children to come over and take what they could use. The clothes completely covered the tables and there was not room for two bins that I had to put underneath. I gave away clothes to six different families and each family left with armfuls of items!

Anyway, I have several friends who are new grandparents or soon-to-be new grandparents and a neighbor with a 1 month old. I hope to be able to sell or give these folks all of this stuff that is now cluttering up the room outside my bedroom. It's not doing anybody any good in our attic and it's in the way of our insulation project, so it's time to find this stuff a new home where it will be used. Just like the clothes, I'll be glad that it is being used and not taking up space in my house, but it is still sad to part with these things that have such personal meaning. It is also hard to finally let go of the hope of another child. But they are just things and I have the pictures and memories. The one child we do have is a really great kid and we are very fortunate to have him. It's time to move on.

The photo above was taken in September 2004, shortly after we moved here, at the Great Sand Dunes National Park located here in the San Luis Valley. Parker was 2 years old.

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