Friday, July 22, 2011

Disappearing Four Patch

My guild swap block for this month is the Disappearing Four Patch. I made one from scraps and it was so fun I dug out some charm squares and made a bunch more.

This is the first one I made using scraps.

I won some Sweet Divinity charm squares last year and then was given some scraps of Sweet Divinity too. I don't usually make a "collection quilt" but decided I wanted to try something new. So I cut up the scraps I had into 5" squares to add to the ones I won.

Here is how you make the block. You need four 5" squares, two pairs of two different fabrics. Sew them together into a four patch.

Now you need to cut your sewn block. Having one of those little rotating cutting mats helps so that you don't have to move your pieces until it's all cut. I don't have one of those mats so I put my blocks at the corner of my mat and move around the table to make all the cuts. I can do that now because my sewing room is so organized. :o) Measure 1" away from the center seam, vertically and on both sides, cut the block. Do the same in the horizontal direction. See photo below.

With these four cuts you have created a nine patch out of a four patch. Now rotate or switch the center vertical pieces and the center horizontal pieces. See photo below.

Then sew your pieces together as you would a nine patch.

Starting with 5" squares, you will end up with an 8.5" unfinished block or 8" finished.

I had enough squares to make 13 blocks.

Not a great picture since the fabrics are so light they almost disappear against my design wall, but you'll see more photos of this one soon. Since I won or was given all the Sweet Divinity fabric used so far, I didn't feel bad about ordering a yard of one of the prints for the border. I'm probably going to sash the blocks with a solid fabric and then border it with the print I ordered. I may make a couple more blocks using a solid and the border print, or I may just turn in 13th block with my first block for the swap at guild next month.

I believe in crediting my sources. The instructions we were given at guild came from Sally at SewWonderful. Hop over here to her blog to see the block she made.

I have no UFO Report this week. However, if you look at my UFO list in the right sidebar, I'm doing pretty well for the year. There are 15 projects on my list and I have busted 9 of them already. Yay me! To see what the other Little Green Quilters have accomplished this week, go over to Susan's blog, Blackberry Creek Home Arts.


Linda said...

Blocks look so pretty laid out on your design wall. It's going to be beautiful!

West Michigan Quilter said...

OMG, someone told me about this last Saturday when I was teaching the D9. I love this and can't wait to try it. Your quilt is going to be beautiful!

Diane E W said...

This may be old but it's new to me and I love it. I'm going to have to give this a try. Your quilt is going to be so pretty.

Deb said...

Well, I didn't have a UFO report this week either, but I'm still working on the pinwheel quilt--not picture worthy yet.

I've never done disappearing 4-patch. Thanks for the instructions! Great job busting 9 out of 15. I'd say the challenge has been worth it!

Jackie said...

That is beautiful... thanks for the reminder on the disappearing 4 patch!

Mama Pea said...


I really like this. I would like to try it myself. Thanks for providing the instructions and link! Looking good!


Quilting Yai Yai said...

I have been looking for this pattern! Thanks for sharing. I love how your blocks turned out.

pam said...

CUTE! Thanks for the clear directions. Like others, I've seen this pattern and had no idea it would be so simple/