Monday, July 4, 2011

Sewing Room Makeover Day 5

I'm at the "putting back the stuff" stage of my room redo project. This room had no baseboard to begin with and still doesn't. But that is something I need my husband's help with. Well ... truth be told, I need him to just do it. I also need him to replace the electrical outlets and reinstall my window blind. He has his own timetable for these things so I'm just doing what I can do to get myself back up and running.

I treated myself to some new shelving and baskets.

The wall color inspiration came from the gray (or putty color) trim on the fabric baskets. I've ordered more of these baskets because they also fit my vertical shelves. For now I'm just using the drawers from the little plastic bins I had before.

I'm sorting as I bring stuff back into the room. I don't want my closet to become the black hole of stuff it was before. I'm keeping one of the white plastic 3 drawer units I stored fabric in previously. It has wheels on it so I can store stuff in it, but easily wheel it out of the way to access the things in the closet when necessary.

I'm also using the hanging bar in the closet to store finished tops that need to be quilted. I pinned some muslin over the bar to protect them first. My rule will be, when the bar is full I must quilt some so that there will be room for new tops.

I have an old window frame that I use as a bulletin board. I just cut foam board to fit in the glass areas and covered it with fabric.

I took the fabric covered foam board out so I could repaint the frame. I want to recover them with fabric (I have LOTS to choose from in my stash!), but I'm having trouble making a choice. I may just have to use four different fabrics this time!

So far I have filled two 13 gallon size trash bags with trash and three bags full of stuff to take to my guild's in-house raffle and on to the thrift store if no one buys it there. My room is about 8 ft. by 10 ft. and I simply can't afford to give space to stuff I don't love and don't use. It was visually and physically junky before and I hated it. I spend a lot of time in this room and I deserve it to look nice and function well for me.


quilthexle said...

Good luck with your makeover! Up till now it looks great. And: I just love your last sentence, and yes, you deserve a wonderful and functional studio !!

Deanna said...

Oh, my, it looks beautiful! I like your storage and can see that you put a lot of thought into it.

Mama Pea said...

Looking great, Lynn! Mine's looking junky these days, too, and I need to do something about it. I need to get the curtains made to cover my big shelving units. :-)

My house has no baseboards because it's waiting for my hubby, to. Same with electrical outlets! LOL. Our hubbies must be related!