Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing Room "Completed"

I spent some time on Tuesday and Wednesday doing more sorting and organizing in my sewing room. I'm calling it "done." I put that in quotes because I still need my husband to hang my blinds, replace the electrical outlets, install the baseboards and put some hooks up in the closet. Those things will happen eventually, hopefully before ski season begins. Last summer I gave him a list of 5 things and told him that if he could do these 5 things before ski season started, I would not ask him to do anything else until after ski season. It worked out pretty well so I'm using the same strategy this year too.

On to the photos. These were taken this morning.

I have always enjoyed being in this room, surrounded by my fabric and other comfort items. Now, it is more organized and restful. I'm not sitting in my chair trying to relax but thinking about how I could better organize my stuff. Ahhhhh!

I found this basket though.

It contains freezer paper scraps. Does anybody else save freezer paper scraps? I started to throw them all away but I just couldn't. So I just sorted them to store them more neatly. I did get rid of all three bags of plastic bags though!


Deborah said...

Awesome room! Enjoy.
Can't wait until mine is done.

Jenny said...

Doesn't it feel good! Love your big design wall!

Mama Pea said...

Your room looks just awesome! It really looks restful with all the blues. Nicely done! Yes, I save freezer paper scraps, too. But I don't have a nice storage system for them. They are in chaos!

Barb said...

Now it is time for me to come over and play (mess it up)....what a fun room...yes, I save everything...shameful!

Deanna said...

What a lovely space you have created. Congratulations!

quilthexle said...

Great makeover! You must be very proud, and the result looks just great. Have fun in there!

Linda said...

Sewing room looks just amazing, Lynn!