Friday, July 8, 2011

UFO Bust Report

The only sewing I have done since returning from our trip is fixing the zipper on a sleeping bag for my husband. So I have made no progress on any of my UFOs, except my sewing room which is coming along nicely.

Yesterday I made a new design wall.

We had some foam insulation left over after our new roof and insulation project last summer. I took some of it and covered it with vinyl flannel backed tablecloths I bought on clearance at Walmart. I just used duct tape to tape the tablecloths, flannel side out, to the back of the insulation. So the whole project cost me $6 for a 96" by 71" design wall. Previously I had just thumb tacked the tablecloths to the wall.

I still don't have baseboards, new outlets, or blinds on the window but I'm really enjoying my new space. Goldie approves too.

I'm not sure how sleeping with your head hanging off the ironing table is comfortable, but Goldie seemed to enjoy it since she stayed that way for over an hour.


Deb said...

Getting a new design wall can only be a good thing, right? :)

Mama Pea said...

Design wall envy....