Thursday, November 6, 2014

Block 10 of Christmas Quilt

I've started working on the next block in the Christmas Quilt I'm finishing for friends.

It will be a nutcracker. This guy's teeth have been giving me fits. The directions say to piece the teeth using black fabric for the inside of his mouth and white fabric for his teeth. However, his teeth are barely an 1/8" wide! I don't want to work with such small pieces. I'm trying a couple of other ways to make his teeth. Hopefully one of them will work well so I don't have to attempt to piece his teeth.

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Wendi said...

I just found your blog via another blog and was interested in the Alamosa quilter title because I am originally from Sanford. I noticed from your picture that you are from the Alamosa I know. Just wondering if quilting is a mathematician craft, because I used to be a high school math teacher. I love drawing up quilting patterns. Glad to find your blog.