Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Show and Tell :: Quilts for Oncology

The ladies in my guild have been busy! These were all made by guild members. I do not know who made each of them because I was not able to attend the last guild meeting when the quilts were turned in.

I do know that Debbie made this first one. She is in my Scrap Group. This was our Modern Spools project. The link will take you to my post about my Modern Spools quilt and contains pattern information at the bottom of the post.

I took 10 quilts in bags to the hospital yesterday afternoon and dropped them off at the oncology treatment center! I still have 7 quilts in bags at home that will be dropped off at a later date. The nurse in charge of the oncology center said they could only store 10 at the moment. She knows how to contact me if they need more before next month.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your spools quilt. I really want to make that. Went back and looked at yours and love the quilting on it. All of these quilts for charity are lovely. So much work (read piecing) involved. Labor of love! Thanks for the links.