Monday, November 17, 2014

Technical Difficulties :: Camera Woes

I wanted to share with you my progress for my next Scrap Group project. We meet on Wednesday so yesterday I sewed up the first row of the quilt we will be making. I took it outside to take photos this morning but my camera is not cooperating.

The top part of the picture is correct. Then there are two horizontal lines that shift the image slightly and I have no idea where that green came from! I took a photo inside as well of my pile of quilt pieces.

It's a little better but there is still a horizontal line that shifts the image slightly and everything is darker beneath the line.

I also took pictures of 5 donation quilts that guild members brought on Saturday. Guess I'll have to retake those at a later date. Grrrr!!!!!

I have no idea what is going on with my camera. When I first turned it on it gave me a low battery warning, but it still took the photos. It has done that before but the pictures always turned out fine. I'm charging the batteries and then I'll take a few more photos to see if this fixed the problem. If not, I guess I'll be shopping for a new camera this afternoon.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Sorry about your camera problem. I can understand your frustration. However, even in the green, the quilt looks interesting. I bet it is a great way to use those scraps too.