Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boxy Stars Progress

I have all the blocks made and the cornerstones cut.

I found a fabric in my stash that will work well for the sashing. Now I need to cut it up and assemble the top. I'd like to get this to the completed top stage soon so that I can start on another project that has a deadline of May 1st. It's a fairly small project so it won't take a lot of time. The hardest part will be deciding which of my ideas for this I want to use.

Unfortunately I won't be able to show it to you for some time because it needs to be kept secret until everyone has finished. The project is called a Telephone Quilt. Below are the directions we were given:

Remember the telephone game from childhood? One person said something, the next repeated it to another, and so on.  What came out at the end was usually very different than the original statement. 

We can do the same with quilts. One person makes a quilt from a photograph, then hands off the quilt to the next person WITHOUT the original photograph.  That person makes a quilt that is similar to what she sees, hands it off, etc. How different from the original photo would the last quilt in the queue be? This is both a design challenge and a reflection of your personality. 

Quilts should be 20” x 30”, any techniques you wish to use, completed within the 6 week time frame allowed.  See schedule for assigned order and due dates.

1.     Person 1 makes a small quilt to represent a selected photograph. She takes a photo of the quilt, and then passes the quilt only to person # 2. Person 1 documents how the photo guided her choices in making the quilt, but keeps that to herself.
2.     Person 2 work only off the quilt that Person 1 sent to her. She makes her own quilt representing what she sees in quilt 1, takes a photo, makes the same type of documentation.  Sends Quilt 1 back to owner, sends her quilt to person 3.
3.     And so on until the end. We have 10 people in the circle.
4.     At the end of the chain, all the quilts and photos are gathered so we can marvel over the way the “message” changed from beginning to end.

Everyone has about 6 weeks to make their quilt and pass it on. The last person won't finish up until January 2016. So I won't be able to show you mine quilt until then. Hopefully everyone else will allow me to post photos of their quilts too.


Unknown said...

I love the way the boxy stars look 3D. Great job! And the "telephone quilt" sounds really interesting. Can't wait to see the final pictures.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your boxy stars. May 1! Yikes! Youe telephone quilt sounds like a lot of fun. Eager to see the quilts and how different they are.

Lies Koster said...

Do you already have 10 persons to do the "job"/game?
I'ld like to join if possible. huisvlijtigliesje.blogspot.com